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For more helpful information sports injuries, Vitamove Back Pain Relief please visit SportsMD, the most trusted resource for sports health and fitness information for people engaged in sports everywhere. We have assembled the sports industry's leading Doctors and health experts - each sharing valuable, practical advice to keep you playing injury-free.

ot only the pain of Fibromyalgia sucks, but all the other symptoms suck to. There are a lot of other symptoms, that can give you many problems. What really got us upset was, at first the doctors were not even sure what it was, because fibromyalgia is hard to diagnose. It effects everyone differently. You may have symptoms that the next person does not have. Most people have the chronic pain in their muscles and joints accompanied by some of the other symptoms. So Fibromyalgia Sucks all the way around. It is not pleasant for anybody.

One of the other things that really bugged us, was the chronic fatigue, that comes with fibromyalgia. You can not spend as much time with family and friends on special occasions because you feel tired and wore out. You need to go take your medicine and go lay down for awhile.