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Every new journey first beings by assessing and accepting where Overnight Millionaire System you are right now. Without struggling. Struggling wears us out. Instead, save the energy to make more conscious choices and take the right action in the present moment. Wherever you are right now, decide that you will accept that position. Be with it. Give up the struggle, and bring your focus to creating a more congruent reality.

Questions to Consider Where are you in your life now? What consequences are you experiencing today that are the results of choices you've made? With what people, places, and things have you been struggling? What do you truly want your life to be like in your relationships, your environment, your work, your physical and mental health? As a child, what were some of the things you saw your parents and the people around you do? Do you remember imitating some of those things, or do you find yourself even today behaving in the same manner? This behavior is called modeling.

Modeling is a conditioned behavior that we pick up from those we are closely associated with, beginning in our childhood days. Unfortunately most of those behavoirs no longer serve us. Ninety- nine percent of the time those learned habits are of a negative nature anyway and they seem to hold most people back.