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Can you really trust your therapist anymore? ThisAdaptogen Complex question is something that a lot of my clients have found the answer is no. However I want to establish what I mean. First of all this is not a therapist bashing article. There are a lot of great therapists. There are a lot of successful therapists who really help their clients get the best results, however, the majority of therapists are pretty much useless. Did you know that the word therapist spells out "the rapist?" It has no relation to this article, but I thought that was interesting.

But seriously, let's talk about all these problems that are coming about and why so many of my clients are disgruntled with their therapist. The first issue is that a lot of therapists simply don't care anymore. Let's be honest, when you've done a job for so long, it gets easy to become complacent and not really dig in and try as hard to help people as you did when you first started. The reason largely for this is the clients sadly. The reason why a therapist may lose hope and not try as hard is because the clients rarely listen to them.

The sad reality is that a therapist can only do a good of a job as the client is willing to listen. The reality is that clients tell you, "Oh, man, you are great, your advice really helps." Yet they don't actually follow it and then out of the blue, they just cancel and say that they are still suffering from their maladies and that they are going to jump on to the newest magic cure that is out there. This is the shiny object symptom. The reality is that there is not magic cure and if you see a therapist wit this expectation, then you have unrealistic expectations and have set yourself up for failure.