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It sounds obvious but is worth stressing, that if day Prayer Miracle you have a secret desire to win an award, if you'd love to be recognised for the work you do, for your contribution to your community, to the local or national economy, then 'you have to be in it to win it'! That means either, getting over yourself by putting yourself or your own company forward, letting others know you'd be interested in being nominated; or, asking specific clients if they'd be willing to nominate you. And most people would be delighted to help, especially if they've received fantastic service and great value from you!

Aside from a warm, fuzzy feeling, and the sense of achievement if you win, being shortlisted for an award can raise your company visibility and personal credibility. It can connect you to more influential people and businesses who may not get to know about you otherwise. And obviously it has the potential to provide free publicity for your company, to get your name, your message, and your solutions more widely communicated to your target audience. Which means it has the potential to enable you to help many more people.

Compare that to the cost (in time, money and effort) of other marketing activities and their expected return, and you can see the potential power of this strategy.However, speaking personally as someone who has just been shortlisted for a North East Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, I can confirm that the most powerful benefit actually comes from the application process itself.