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However, feeling like a millionaire is only the first 7 day Prayer Miracle step. If you look at any successful individuals, the most common trait that you can find is the willingness of the individual to take risk. The courage to take risk comes from the belief that you will achieve your target. As Henry Ford once quoted "Problems and risks are the thing that distracts you from the original plan." That's why the more longer a person have been living on a pay check, the more reluctant he would take the risk of leaving his job and venture into a business of his own.

The more comfortable you are with your status quo, the more heavily the decision you have to make in quitting your day job. But as the status quo of the industry right now, not many people can get rich by just working for other people. You can only get rich by employing others to work for you. Try to rethink your current position now. Probably it is high time for you to take that calculated risk and dive in towards uncharted territory.

After you have sufficient courage to achieve your dream, the next step is to realign your mindset. Every one of us has a wealth file stored in our brain. This file has been created and developed since we are a child. Every experience concerning money whether it is good or bad experience will be stored there in our file. Therefore, for some people who grew up in family that always view money as evil, will tend to follow a negative pattern. Negative thinking on money such as "Rich people are bad people", "Money don't buy happiness", "Rich people are not happy", "Having money will attract criminal" and so on will be stored in our file and therefore creates a self sabotaging attitude towards accumulating wealth. Be aware of this wealth file and try to store it with good experience related to money whether through self experience or other people positive experience. This will in turn create positive thinking about wealth and therefore translates wealth creation into reality.