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The denial creeps in when we honestly believe 7 Day Prayer Miracle that living with nature means we don't need society. We reject money, the system, people and taking it one step further, outcast ourselves. Now, returning to nature and being one with God are my passions in life. But the subsequent removal from society creates a hermit complex, a separatist attitude and usually has as much to do with childhood wounds as your own empowerment. That being said there are of course some people who will live out their purpose in a quieter way.

Denial forms when we don't feel strong enough to handle the truth. The truth is we have allowed ourselves to be victim to our leaders, our systems, relying on them to save us or empower us. Even the most conscious people have this going on. This over-delegation of power to our leaders has allowed financial mismanagement on the largest scale. And we have let them.

Stepping out of denial means taking responsibility as human beings, as divine beings, as natural beings and a members of the community. It's painful, but like it or not, finances are a part of community living, they are a part of society. If we, the supposed ethical, moral and spiritually empowered ones do not infuse our knowledge into our financial reality, we are allowing ourselves to be overtaken by those who seek to control us. And they are out there, completely consumed by their goal. We must financially educate and empower ourselves so we can be a part of the solution, not the problem.