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I dreamed that I could be President, and that I 7 Day Prayer Miracle would bring about world peace and put an end to poverty and starvation. My dreams had NO limit. But something really sad started to happen as I got older. As I started to "grow up" my thinking started to change. I started to believe the adults who told me that I needed to be more "realistic" about life. I discovered this little emotion called "disappointment". I started changing my expectations to fit reality instead of changing reality to fit my expectations.

I finally realize that what my mentor meant was for me to change my expectations. Not to just think positively and all that jazz, but to honestly and seriously start to expect better for my life. The very act of expecting great things out of life ignites a positive energy in us that when finely focused at the point of action breads the results we desire. You can't succeed if you expect to fail. When I am writing (and in a creative groove), I have no concept of time. When I conduct statistical analysis for my research (and results are interesting), I forget to sleep. When I speak to a group (and really connect with the audience), I forget that I am introverted.

Does this sound odd, or can you relate? Have you ever been so engaged with your task that you lose track of time, any sense of hunger or fatigue? If so, you have achieved a state of flow. The psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined the term "flow" to describe the state people achieve when they are so enjoying what they are doing that they become completely absorbed in an activity. Flow occurs when your skill-level and challenge-level are both high - and it is the key to happiness according to Csikszentmihalyi and his colleagues.