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Success comes with focus and determination. Both are 7 Day Prayer Miracle required, not one or the other. As I'm writing this, there are about 500 other things that I'm trying to process. My brain is currently sore from the amount of information I've loaded it with today. Today I had determination, but I didn't have focus.

Without focus, it will feel like you are working REALLY hard, but you just don't seem to be getting anywhere. When you have dozens of ongoing projects, it's easy to lose track, get frustrated, and not see any progress. Without focus, it also becomes very easy to avoid doing the more difficult tasks in your project, with the mental excuse of having to do something much easier in a different project. By the time you've finished all of the easy tasks, you will be too tired to take on what seems like the big daunting task that now stands before you. Giving up seems like the best option at the moment, doesn't it?

This is usually the point where people look around, and see lots of started projects, and yet no results... This is because unfortunately, started projects, do not bring results, only finished projects do. When you get to the point of feeling overworked, and yet not seeing any progress, this is usually the final straw. This is where most throw their hands up in frustration, and scream out to the world, 'I just can't do it!'