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I have never met a truly successful person who is not 7 Day Prayer Miracle willing to work hard and who does not in fact work hard. You will receive in proportion to what you give. In a competitive world full of hungry people seeking to succeed hard work separates the serious from the wishful thinkers.

Successful people understand that their conscious mind is only a part of their potential. They understand that we have a right brain and a left brain. They use their sixth sense, their intuition and their gut feelings just as much as their analytical thinking. It is only by using all the talents of your whole mind that you can marshal the thinking necessary to succeed.

The most successful people are committed to continuous learning. They read and study books constantly. They are prolific readers. They make notes and refer back to them. They expand and deepen their understanding and learn new skills. The world is changing fast and to succeed you must continuously learn to adapt to that changing world.