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The problem is that in the past, you did not consciously 7 Day Prayer Miracle model people of excellence. As a result, you may have unconsciously modeled a lot of ineffective behaviors and negative states of the people around you.For example, if you are a poor mixer or ineffective communicator, it is because you (unconsciously) modeled poor speakers and communicators when you were young.

If you are a poor decision maker and constantly find yourself feeling anxious and lacking in confidence, it is because you have unknowingly adopted the patterns from your friends or family. Haven't you ever behaved in a certain way and suddenly realized,'oh my gosh! I'm becoming mother or father!'So, isn't it time you start to consciously delete ineffective models of the past and start modeling and adopting patterns of people who exhibit excellence instead?

Another point to understand is that modeling is not just about copying. It is about replicating and then improving on what you have modeled, or modifying it to suit your personal style. For example, if you were a woman and you were to model the physiology of a male speaker exactly, it may not come off that well. You may have to modify elements of that person's physiology to suit your personality.