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Excitement can trigger an onset of obsession - 7 Day Prayer Miracle being unable to slow down and stop, breaking other commitments to family or our health because we have become swept away with yet another idea, project or task. Excitement can also induce sleepless nights and an inability to switch off and be present with the ones we love, as our mind races about where we're heading and all we have to do to 'get there'.

Overwhelm is another common by-product as our excitement induces urgency and impatience to get the end result. We see lists of things we need to get through to bring the idea to life and overwhelm ourselves out of taking even the first small steps.Don't get me wrong, excitement is not the enemy! The goal isn't to squash excitement out of your life. Rather, it's about recognising the impact of excitement left unchecked and ensuring you don't let it carry you away to somewhere other than where you truly desire to be.

Where in your life and work do you allow excitement to sabotage your success? Let's discover some top work life balance tips on how to turn this around so you can enjoy excitement without it damaging your results and life.