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When things start going wrong, when failures keep 7 Day Prayer Miracle lurking their big ugly head, instead of asking, Why Me?, start asking yourself, Why NOT Me! Start turning every problem into a solution, thinking of the problem with a, Why NOT Me attitude will give you the feeling that you can solve anything. The problem only arose, and YOU are the only one that can solve it.

You need to have focus and be persistent in order to not have success in you life and online marketing business. Do not let a failure stop you from your dreams, your passion. Make that failure a positive and move on.

Baby Steps Think about a baby trying to take his first steps, do they just give up because they fall? No! If they did no one would be walking today. They may cry a little, but they just get right back up and keep trying until they walk. That is what you need to do when you have failures, do not blame someone else for them, get back up and take charge of your own life.