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Very few people rise to the top of the corporate world. 7 Day Prayer Miracle Of those who do, proportionally even fewer of them are women. So what's special about the women who do make it to the top? As they say in ballroom dance, "Both partners make the routine look effortless, but the women do it backwards and in heels."

It's no secret - many female executives will tell you they've had an uphill climb in their career. Most of them will tell you that at some point, they've confronted gender bias, discrimination and open resentment from both their male and their female colleagues.Despite these challenges, each has blazed her own path to success. And many of them got there by taking advantage of what women naturally do best: empowering others.

Running an effective organization requires that leaders not only turn in a first-rate performance themselves, but that they inspire their employees to superior performance as well. This is, of course, true no matter what the leader's gender.