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Time and time again, if you look at history, people 7 Day Prayer Miracle who have produced phenomenal results are those that have set goals that everyone else thought was unrealistic and even crazy. Think about it. If 15 years ago, someone told you that almost everybody would be walking around with a telephone the size of a credit card; that could play music; take pictures; communicate with computers and send pictures; you would have thought that they were crazy. You would think that there was no way that the above scenario could be done.

Why is it now reality? All it took was one person to think of the impossible and make it real. Everything you see around you was first created in someone's mind as an idea. You see, everything is created twice. First as an idea and then manifested in physical reality. Were the Wright brothers being very realistic when they set out to build a flying machine? They were not even scientists or engineers, and at that time, it was believed that it was physically impossible for machines heavier than air to fly. By changing their strategy and doing whatever it takes, they finally invented the first airplane; and they were simply bicycle repairmen. Today it is a wonder how a 500 ton jumbo jet carrying over 300 people can fly around the world.

It is a miracle. If the Wright brothers had been realistic as the rest of the other people at that time, you and I would still be taking the slow boat to China. How about the story of Singapore becoming a first world country in 30 years? When the country first gained independence in 1965, the government had to face the fact that there was only a population of 2 million people. In addition, the island had no natural resources of tin, oil or gold. In fact, it did not even have sufficient water to feed its own people.