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You are a person of great value. You are deeply loved. 10 Minute Awakening Nothing you feel, do or say goes unnoticed. Though that may seem creepy or scary, there is also a great comfort in it. You are a priceless treasure to God. His eyes are on you and His heart is for you, at all times.Before you turn away from this article, just choose to read on for 3 more minutes. You might be surprised and feel a new attitude of hope developing in your heart.

In the history of the Hebrew children of God in the Old Testament, as well as in every culture even today, there are two different camps in existence: those who honor God and express loving fear of the Lord, and those who deny God or ignore Him either out of pride or ignorance.

Searching the scriptures we find that God is a benevolent, wise and loving God who has a purpose for each of us. He is a most loving Father who has intentions of blessing us, and a plan to prosper those who honor and obey Him, now and for eternity. Conversely, the godless rely on their own strength and the wisdom of the world, each of which offers no guarantees. Perfection versus imperfection. Eternal versus temporal. Incorruptible versus corruptible.