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This is the area of the Photosoc Wiki that we are hoping that you, our members, will get most involved in. We'll be posting articles related to talks we'll be giving over the year and others just as we happen to think about them. Links below that are in red are suggested topics that do not yet have an article, feel free to click on the Discussion link above and suggest more, or if you are feeling particularly informative please do go ahead and write some articles yourself or add to those we have already written.


Each week we present a talk on different topics to help you improve your photography. We'll upload the talks here afterwards in case you miss one or want to go back and check something.

  • The Basics - slides from "The Basics" talk which covered the 3 elements of obtaining a correct exposure - Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO - as well as how to use these elements for different kinds of photography.

Camera Tips

Some tips for using some features on your camera

Penthouse Tips

And any other computer orientated tricks.

Darkroom Tips

Miscellaneous Articles