Minutes 16 January 2012

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Present Apologies Absent
Rajitha, Sarah, Jamie, J, Alex, Ben, Ash, James M, Chesca, Katherine, Xavier, Hayley, James X Alice

Minutes compiled by: Sarah Haswell
Date: 16.01.2012


Discussion: Apologies – Alice. Google Calendar – Populate it! Socials, trips & talks should be in it. Tea social will make it look full.


Discussion: Update – James needs money from Ben for Westonbirt and from Alice. Ben and Jamie have claims that need doing. James needs to bring the form for Rajitha to fill out Cake money - James needs a signature from Jamie to give CLIC Sargent to get the money out. Conclusions: James needs to chase Alice & Ben, and get the claims done. Need to bring bank form to next meeting so it can be done.


Discussion: Calibrator – Makes the colours be right! People have asked if we've got one to borrow. Alex asked the company if it would be ok for everyone to use it and they said yes. The “site” is the union, so anywhere there is fine. Costs about £100 for Pro (Elite costs more, £100 vs. £130?). Vote! We will buy one. Get Elite if £130 or less. Nikon Speedlight – Bertie Gregory has been using it for club photography on Thursdays and this week e-mailed Rajitha to ask if he could have it despite someone else booking. This is not on at all. He's not meant to be doing paid work with it, Rajitha has responded. Terms & Conditions aren't up yet so we don't have anything to argue from. They need to go on the website. Insurance – Need to speak to someone. Jamie doesn't have much work so when he's not nocturnal he'll give it a go. Fees – Need typing up still. D40 & 400D – Jamie needs to chase. Portable studio kit - Jamie & Ash need to liase and order things, Jamie has ordered some things that we can look at. James will sort out the money for ordering things. Kit meeting – We'll have one the week after next, Rajitha will make a Doodle. Extension cable – Ash forgot. He'll sort it out. Bronica lens – Ben needs to buy one! We approved it ages ago. Flashmeter got bought though. Internet – It's died. Might be the router? Needs to be used when J is doing equipment. Committee - Don't borrow stuff and not tell J! Book it. Jamie has studio stuff. Needed things before booking started, send a naggy e-mail to the committee before term starts. Conclusions: We will buy a screen calibrator, Alex will see how much they are and buy one at a max. cost of £130. T&Cs and Fees need to go on website Jamie will speak to people about insurance and chase the D40 and 400D Jamie & Ash will liase for portable studio kit, James will fix up money. We'll have a kit meeting the week after next Ash will buy an extension cable, Ben will buy Bronica lens There is currently no internet in the penthouse, this needs fixing. If you need kit, book it and tell J.


Discussion: Barcelona debrief – Pricing spreadsheet is on Dropbox. Was sunny. J was there, was quiet. Sophia Ho & her Mum decided to stay in a hotel and had their hostel money back. Trips this term – There's a document on Dropbox. Cardiff - Sunday 5th By train, Saturday 4th. Cheddar Gorge - By either coach or car pool, organise petrol costs and pay for drivers. Pretty but a bit dull and expensive. X proposed Sunday 19th. Focus On Imaging NEC - 4th March Richmond Park - 18th March → 6 hours to get there and not very exciting. Longleat Safari Park - 18th March instead? How would we get there? Carpool would be better. Hayley suggests Slimbridge, Sarah suggests Bath again Bath as second trip by train. Need to look at train prices and engineering works for Bath & Cardiff, set times, and make events. Wanders this term – One every other week. Talk to Chesca. Conclusions: Barcelona was fine, we'll look at costs and reimburse members some more. We will go to Cardiff on Saturday 4th Feb by train, X needs to investigate trains & make event Bath on Sunday 19th There will be a wander every other week, X and Chesca need to liase


Discussion: Update – Website is still there. Fees are in J's hands. Kit T&Cs need to go up, they're fine. Competition T&Cs need to go up. Rajitha edited them and they're on Dropbox. Is James on committee yet? Needs log in etc. He should e-mail Ash from the right address. Chesca needs to send Jamie an e-mail for Dropbox. Conclusions: T&Cs for both kit & competition need to go up. James needs to be made committee


Discussion: Round 3 – Jamie still needs to judge it. Says he'll do it as soon as he gets home. Results for round 4 – J needs to judge. Judging for round 5 (The Five Senses) – Wasn't announced early enough because of e-mail not going before Christmas. Four entries now on Flickr. Matt Wilson is guest. Katherine, Ash, Alice & James M. Guest judge for round 6 (Reflections) – Alex, Hayley, Xavier, Ben. Paul Green should judge something good. Niall sent some guest judges so we have some lined up. Conclusions: Jamie needs to judge round 3 STILL, J needs to judge round 4 Judges for round 5 are Katherine, Ash, Alice & James, plus Matt Wilson.


Discussion: This term – Nothing currently, Alex will get spammy next week. Jamie has Dentists' conference, we should take members if he gets the job. Studio seminar – Next Thursday, 26th, has been planned and will be ready. People needed to help set up on Thursday for several hours. Sarah & Katherine may be able to help. Needs to go in news builder. Conclusions: Studio seminar will happen on Thursday 26th, needs to go in news. Help wanted.


Discussion: Moving items – Please move things. Might be able to get help from Will Miners. Week of dark (Easter) – Start thinking about what you want to do. Week of the 26th. Previously have had printing messing about, studio session, pinhole cameras, lots of workshops. Drinking in the evening. Ben has exams in Easter so this is not so easy. Niall has a thesis to write. Try Odis? Maybe have after summer exams? Talk to filmy people & see how much help you can get. Conclusions: Darkroom A still needs clearing Time to start thinking about week of dark, need to decide if at Easter or in summer.


Discussion: Start of term social – Tuesday 24th, Treasure Hunt. Come please! There'll be an event. Socials this term – People want to talk more about photos. Themed tea socials! Bring photos. This week is your favourite photo. Please make an effort to come, at least at the beginning of term. Be less cliquey & get more people involved. Chesca will bring her laptop this week. Black Cards for Lounge - Get sponsored? Talk to Hayley. Hannah Baker does Tuesdays at Lounge, Jamie has Facebook details. There will be a week long scavenger hunt at some point & it needs a proper prize. Conclusions: There will be a social on Tuesday, Chesca will make an event. Committee need to go please. Tea socials will be themed, this week is “your favourite photo”. Hayley & Chesca will investigate Lounge sponsorship


Discussion: Alumni fund – Deadlines are 3rd Feb, 28th April. Grants up to £1000. Lots of forms, feedback if we get it. Nuclear Graduates want to sponsor us but they're looking to do events. Maybe exhibition? Contacts – Updated contact details spreadsheet. Dragon Fountain – They said no. They don't do that sort of thing. CLIC Sargent fundraising – Need to do a thing. Cakes raised £25. Need book money from Ceilidh. Medics want a calendar, maybe ask them to pay for studio shoot and give it to CLIC Sargent. People need to think of money ideas. Sell prints of Ben painted with CLIC Sargent logo.
Aim for 28th April alumni deadline
Investigate exhibition sponsorship
Need to come up with ideas for CLIC Sargent


Discussion: This week's talk – Nothing. Was meant to be studio. Jamie can do Photoshoppy talk, he's come up with something that should be concise. Jpeg vs TIFF vs RAW. Fix some photos in Lightroom, that's what we have on the Mac. Photoshop clone & heal & curves & masking. Maybe fun stuff with liquify but not necessarily. Jamie has photos of a spotty person to make pretty. J has a spare Mac laptop which things can be installed on, Jamie needs to go & get it from him. Plan for this term – Charlie's coming. We have two possible dates. This will hopefully avoid cancellation problems. Jamie has suggestions - Paul Green & Justin Quinnell. Send him an e-mail asking for them. James can do astro. Jamie can do legal. Think about what you can do, either long or short. Should do more short talks – Rooms? Maybe more Photographers You Should Follow (with pizza). Arrange photographers in advance. Smaller space to encourage participation. Jamie & Ash will talk about this. Rooms need sorting – Go and talk to Margaret. They don't respond to e-mails. We onl y have 3 talks out of ten weeks. There is no room on 7 weeks, they've given us a studio slot in the afternoon instead! Jamie needs to be told what we have, Rajitha will e-mail a link so he can go and talk to Margaret. Everyone should look for alternatives. Slides from old talks – How're we giving them to members? Downloads on the website. Won't be done this week. Conclusions: This week Jamie will talk about software, he will get a laptop from J. Ash will arrange two possible dates with external speakers to avoid cancellation problems Committee need to do more talks, either standard or short Jamie & Ash will discuss the idea of another Photographers You Should Follow Jamie will go and talk to Margaret about room bookings, Rajitha will tell him what we have Slides from old talks will be available as downloads from the website

Any other business

Discussion: T-shirts – James X is in charge of this now. Info? Just go to ShirtTales. They have the masks for the logo. James will make a Doodle to do orders, Sarah will explain. Dark grey t-shirts (but not too dark). Photosoc is monochrome. Investigate giving colour options? Making committee pay – They're auditing everyone & threatening to shut us down, take away all our union stuff. Ash & Rajitha are the only people on MSL so there's not enough committee on there! Rajitha & Sarah will bring a motion at the union AGM to say that it should be up to individual societies. Come to it, 9th Feb. E-mailing non-paid members – Needs to happen. Conclusions: James X will make t-shirts happen, there will be a Doodle. Rajitha & Sarah will propose a motion at the union AGM saying societies should be able to decide if their committee pay We will e-mail non-paid people to encourage them to join properly.

Minutes compiled by: Sarah Haswell Date, time and location of next meeting: Monday 23rd January, 6pm, 3rd Floor, Students' Union