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All facilities and equipment are free for members to use and hire for their own use. Darkroom Chemicals and Paper are also provided free of charge but we do ask that members are considerate and are not wasteful of this or abuse it. Please keep track of chemical and paper usage on the sheets provided so that the Darkroom Manager can keep the room correctly stocked. A £50 deposit is required for equipment hire to cover insurance premiums in the case of a breakage. This is usually in the form of the cheque and is returned at the end of the hire period or you can keep it on file for future hires.

To hire equipment, log into the website and click "Book Equipment" on the left hand side navigation panel.

Autumn Term 2009 - we are temporarily operating an email-based booking system whilst the website undergoes some work.
See Temporary Equipment Booking for details. To book out a darkroom, click "Book Rooms".


For a full list of equipment available for members to borrow just follow the links below:


The photographic society owns two chemical darkrooms, free for our members to use.

Both darkrooms contain equipment for black and white work and Darkroom A also has colour processing facilities. They each have a CD radio cassette player to keep you entertained for those many, dark, hours.

The main equipment available in each includes:

   * Durst M605 colour enlargers with 50mm lenses
   * Nova film dryers
   * Nova RC paper dryers
   * RC paper washers
   * Paterson film processing tanks (4)
   * Contact printers for 35mm and 6x6
   * Dimmable lightboxes with lupes
   * Paper trimmers and cutting mats
   * Easels and trays from 5"x7" to 12"x16"
   * Ilford below lens Multigrade filters
   * Plus all the little bits and pieces

Darkroom A: extra equipment.

   * Kaiser Duka5 colour safelight
   * Slide contact printer
   * Jobo CPE2 colour processor with lift

Darkroom B: extra equipment.

   * fibre-base paper washers and dryers
   * bulk film loader
   * Larger developing trays (20"x24")
   * Tetenal automatic film processor