Canon 70 200 mm f/4 L IS

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This lens was bought thanks to the generosity of the Alumni Foundation
Image from Canon UK

Thanks to the kind generosity of the Alumni Foundation we have been able to purchase a Canon 70-200mm f/4 IS lens for members and the Events Team to use free of charge. The Alumni Foundation was set up to support the University as a centre of excellence in teaching and research and to enhance the quality of student life. Thanks to the donations by alumni, staff and friends of the University they have been able to distribute grants throughout the University to spread the generosity of the donations as widely as possible. To date £800,000 has been distributed to various causes, societies and events and PhotoSoc is very grateful that we have been one of these beneficiaries. If you have anything that you need additional funding for such as an event, a society or cause then the Alumni might be able to help so get in touch with them to discuss the grants available!


This lens is an 'L-series' professional quality telephoto zoom lens, offering exceptional image quality, superior autofocus performance and solid build quality. With a fast f/4 maximum aperture throughout the zoom range and high-quality optics, this lens will deliver sharp and contrasty images even at maximum aperture. The results really are stunning - especially if you've ever been frustrated by a poor quality, low-cost telephoto zoom lens. With Canon's latest Image Stabilisation, the effects of camera shake are dramatically reduced, allowing a shutter speed up to 4 stops slower to be used. Again, the results are excellent!

This lens is well-suited to sports photography, portraiture & wildlife to name a few. For landscapes the compression of perspective offered by the telephoto focal length can be an effective tool. It is compatible with all Canon EOS film and digital cameras.


  • 70-200mm zoom range (112-320mm 35mm equivalent on 1.6x crop sensor cameras)
  • Constant f/4 aperture
  • 4-stop Image Stabilisation (2 modes - both horizontal and vertical directions or just in the vertical direction)
  • EF mount for both full frame and crop cameras
  • Environmental seals
  • Compatible with Canon/Sigma 1.4x teleconverters giving a 100-280mm f/5.6 lens without significant loss of performance

Kit Includes & Borrowing Information

This item includes:

  • 70-200mm lens with caps
  • Lens Hood
  • Softpouch carry bag

To book this kit out, go to the website, log in and click "Book Equipment" on the left hand side navigation panel. From there you can navigate to the equipment that you wish to borrow and follow the instructions to reserve it for the dates that you need.

Manual & Resources

See a review here and Canon UK for more information.

70-200mm f/4 Tips & Tricks

  • Turn off all image stabilisation for sports photos. Image stabilisation reduces camera shake, but cannot freeze motion - you still need a fast shutter speed.
  • If attempting a panning shot use Mode 2 Stabilisation
  • If using with a teleconverter (maximum 1.4x to retain autofocus), the focus limiter switch can be very useful as it speeds up the autofocus.