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Welcome to our online signup system. Here you will be able to become a member of the University of Bristol Photographic Society for the academic year.

Why should I become a member?

Membership entitles you to access to our darkrooms/digital editing suite, access to the society's equipment, the ability to come on trips and attend workshops and allows you to enter any of our competitions!

To signup simply fill in the form below. We are open to signups from both Bristol and UWE students and also External Members. External members should note that they must first be Associate Members of the Students' Union in order to sign up.

Please note: Membership is for 1 Academic Year - it will run from the date of your signup until the following September, not for a full calendar year.

This is important if you have paid at the Welcome Fair as it allows us to link your account to your payment. Non students please enter 0.

The following information is private and for admin use only. It will not appear on your public profile, unless you later request this.

The Photographic Society value your privacy, and will never disclose this information to a third party, or use in any manner beyond that required by our affiliation with the University of Bristol Students' Union.

Please ensure that your email address is correct as your password will be emailed to you

The following information will be shown on your public profile and may be changed at any time via your control panel.

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You must now upload a photo of yourself (a portrait or passport type photo) for your membership card. Each member is required to have a membership card if they wish to use the university Photography society facilities. No card = no keys when it comes to the darkroom.

Please ensure that the photograph you upload is in a PORTRAIT orientation (i.e. taller than it is wide) so that it will fit your membership card - If you do not it will not be possible to produce your card and will delay access to the facilities.