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Photosoc sells some stuff

Posted on April 26, 2018, 12:26 pm by Dominic Palubiski.

Hello everyone,

After a recent clear out and itemization of our cupboards, as well as an update to our scanner, we have decided to offer up items for sale to help people get developing at home (and one lucky person to scan at home).

So while there are plenty of darkroom items that could be sold off, we will be offering development tanks to people who want them for a cheap price of 10 pounds for a 35 mm tank, 15 for a 120/2x35 mm, and 20 for larger tanks. All you need is a changing bag and some chemicals and you never even have to trek all the way to the union. This will be a first come first serve basis.

The scanner is an Epson v600, a good cheap starting scanner capable of 35 mm and 120 film scanning, perfect if you do both formats. This will be a bit more complex and it will work like a silent auction. You will need to send an email to with your bid and the highest bidder will get the scanner. A price of ~150 pounds is roughly what is expected and a good price compared to over 200 on eBay for the same scanner. If you have any questions feel free to email The deadline for bids is the 10th of May, two weeks from now.

With so many other items in the store cupboard not really being utilized, if there is anything you are curious about please send an email to see what we have.

Thank you,