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Talks this term!

Posted on January 6, 2013, 4:34 pm by .
Hi people,

After a shaky start with our talks last term we've gone away, sorted things and put together a fantastic lineup of external speakers for you this year! An inspiring mix of established professionals and serious amateurs - some of them past and present Bristol students - we'll have something for everyone! Talks will be on Thursday evenings in the Union starting 8pm sharp as usual - the first is on the 17th Jan - here are some of the dates and a bit of blurb on those we have confirmed (and there are still more to come!) so you can get them in the diary.

We look forward to catching you all there!



Jan 17th - Seb Rogers

Seb Rogers is one of the UK's leading bike photographers - regularly published in magazines he's also worked for many major manufactures producing eyecatching lifestyle, product and portrait photographs. Even if bikes aren't your thing there will be something for everyone in the way that Seb approaches what he does - how he captures action and movement in his photos, how he uses natural and artificial light to give them the look he's after and how he keeps his ideas fresh and new.

Seb is travelling down from London to give this talk entirely out of his own pocket - so we'll be raising funds for his charity of choice, Bristol Childrens Hospital, by way of a thankyou - so bring some loose change!

Jan 24th - Justin Quinnell

Justin is one of the worlds experts on pinhole photography - if not The!

Most peoples' experience of pinhole photography, if any, is producing a blurry, faded black and white image with a matchbox and bit of foil in school - and that's it. Justin has taken the technique infinitely further - turning almost anything he gets his hands on into a camera capable of taking truly unique images; from water melons to wheely bins - even his own mouth! He's been flown out to the states as an advisor to the hollywood film, 'The Brothers Bloom' and more recently produced amazing 6 month-long exposures of the sun's path over Bristol (You may well have seen these before -

Jan 31st - Charlie Clift

UoB graduate and ex-Photosoc Pres Charlie has been working as a freelance people and lifestyle photographer for a couple of years now. After making the move to London last year his work has gone from strength to strength. In just the last 12 months his photos have appeared on 17 magazine covers, he's shot Olympic athletes for Crew Clothing, been commissioned by the Sunday Times and still found time to produce a fantastic body of personal work.

Charlie's talk will cover his approach to portraiture - the ideas behind the photos, how he works with his subjects and the importance of personal work to what he does.

Feb 7th - Harry Engels

Currently in his final year at UoB, Harry was already photographing sports events professionally for Getty Images by his second year! On his year abroad in Russia he was commissioned to produce images of the 13 host cities of the Fifa World Cup 2018 and over the summer photographed the Paralympics.

As well as his sports and editorial photography Harry is also a fantastic travel photographer and his blog is well worth a browse for his personal work!

Feb 21st - Nathan Chandler

Professional retoucher and photographer in his own right Nathan will be giving a talk on workflow, editing and retouching photos. Carrying on from our Basics of Editing talk last term he'll be going into far more depth with Photoshop and what it can do.

Mar 14th - Alex Nail

Another UoB graduate and ex-Photosoc member Alex is one of the UK's rising young landscape photographers. With many photos published as part of the National Landscape Photographer of the Year competition he has an absolutely stunning portfolio of work - most involving some quite serious dedication to his art as they took hideously early starts, long hikes and unpredictable to downright filthy weather just to capture that one perfect frame.

Date still TBC - Bertie Gregory

2nd year UoB student Bertie is one of the UK's seriously up and coming wildlife photographers. Sponsored by Canon he's regularly flown around the world on assignments - most recently to Vancouver Island off the West Coast of Canada photographing wales and then in October to the Manu National Park in Peru.

You can read an interview with him on the Canon website here -